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Freightwaves: Goods Movement Alliance enters California supply chain advocacy scene

John Kingston

Sep 20, 2022

‘Association of associations’ formed as groups realize they have overlapping interests

Between the docks and warehouses of Southern California and the state’s AB5 law on independent contractors, California plays an outsized role in the U.S. logistics sector.

And now a lot of once disparate groups that were exposed to supply chain issues but had never worked together on shared interests have a new umbrella under which to stand.

It is called the Goods Movement Alliance. Formed in August, the alliance was described by Matthew Hargrove, its co-chair, as mostly an association of associations that has come together because of their interests in supply chain issues in the Golden State.

Hargrove himself is the president and chief executive officer of the California Business Properties Association (CBPA), which includes such supply chain-focused companies as warehouse operators. 

“Some of our main members are some of the largest commercial real estate companies,” he said. 

While the supply chain events of the past year or two may have been the catalyst for the final push to create the Goods Movement Alliance, Hargrove said in an interview with FreightWaves that the momentum is not new. 

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